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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the life expectancy to be eligible for care in a Comfort Care Home?
    Life expectancy averages three months or less.
  • Where do referrals come from for a Comfort Care Home?
    Referrals are typically from a physician, a hospital, or the local Hospice Provider. However, referrals can come from individuals as well.
  • Does a resident have to be from the tri-county area (Steuben, Chemung, Schuyler) to stay at Bampa's House?
    Most of our residents come from the tri-county area. It is rare to serve someone from another area, though consideration may be given if they are eligible and a bed is open.
  • Are there people who would not be appropriate for a Comfort Care Home?
    Yes, there are. Some examples are: people who have contagious illnesses, people who require isolation, or people who have open wounds or severe dysfunction.
  • Does Bampa's House serve only people with cancer or only adults?
    No. Bampa's House serves terminally ill individuals regardless of age or diagnosis.
  • Who is able to stay at Bampa's House?
    Bampa’s House is a home for terminally ill individuals who are near death. Admission to Bampa’s House is based on the demonstrated need of the applicant, and preference is given to terminally ill individuals who cannot receive adequate care at home. Bampa’s House can accommodate up to two residents at a time. Each resident has their own private bedroom, bathroom, and outdoor deck. There are shared spaces including a fully stocked kitchen, dining area, library, family room, and serenity garden that the residents can enjoy with their family and friends. There is even room for family members to stay with their loved ones if needed.
  • Is the work at Bampa's House done by volunteers or is there also a staff?
    In addition to the volunteers, there are usually 2-3 employees, including a full-time Nurse Director, a part-time Volunteer Coordinator, and a part-time Fundraising Coordinator. Volunteers typically provide care for the residents, though some volunteers choose to clean, perform lawn care, cook, or perform other jobs around the house.
  • Who provides the Hospice services at Bampa's House?
    Hospice services are provided by CareFirst, the professional Hospice coordinator for Steuben, Chemung, and Schuyler counties.
  • How are volunteers recruited for a Comfort Care Home?
    Volunteers come from many sources: some from newspaper ads, others are word of mouth, friends of friends, etc.
  • What services does Bampa’s House provide to its residents?
    Bampa’s House serves as a residence for terminally ill individuals. Care is provided by trained volunteer caregivers and the resident’s family and friends. CareFirst, the local hospice organization, is responsible for the provision of hospice care to residents. Bampa’s House is not a nursing facility, hospital, or treatment center; rather, it is a comfortable, home-like environment. Its focus is on comfort care. The staff and volunteers at Bampa’s House do not administer IV fluid for hydration, tube feedings, or CPR. They do, however, do their best to alleviate symptoms and make the resident as comfortable as possible.
  • How many volunteers are needed to staff a Comfort Care Home for a week for resident care?
    Volunteers usually take the hours from 7am-11pm. They work for four hours at a time, and up to two volunteers may be needed at one time. Therefore, 56 volunteers are needed per week. Paid caregivers work the shift from 11pm-7am. Therefore, 7 paid caregivers are needed per week.
  • What is the difference between the care provided by the Bampa's House volunteers and the Hospice Care provided by CareFirst for Bampa's House residents?
    Bampa's House trained volunteers and staff are surrogate caretakers for our residents, providing 24/7 care similar to what a loved one would provide in the resident's own home. Bampa's House also provides the physical home for our residents. CareFirst employees provide support to supplement the 24/7 care already provided by our home. Their services are federal and state certified and may extend to include nursing, spiritual care, social work, and counseling, depending on the individual's needs. Their services are offered in many different settings, including comfort care homes.
  • What are the time slots that volunteers can fill?
    Volunteers are welcome to fill any four hour slot. Typically, the late night/early morning shift is filled by per-diem staff.
  • Why is it called Bampa's House?
    The home is called Bampa’s House because it was established in honor of Jim Dugan, a native of Corning, whose grandchildren nicknamed him Bampa.
  • Why does the tri-county area (Steuben, Chemung, Schuyler) need a comfort care home?
    There are few options for people needing end-of-life care in the tri-county area. Bampa’s House will provide an alternate to the area residents. The next closest comfort care home is over 45 miles away.
  • What are the visiting hours at Bampa's House?
    Visiting hours are not limited. Families or close friends may even stay overnight if needed.
  • Do Bampa's House residents share a room?
    No. Each resident has their own private bedroom and bathroom.
  • How far away is the nearest Comfort Care Home to Corning?
    The nearest home in Steuben County is in Wayland, NY, about 45 miles away from Corning.
  • Where is Bampa's House located?
    Bampa's House is located at 170 East First Street in Corning, NY. Click here for Google Maps.
  • Who prepares meals for the residents?
    Bampa's House has a stocked kitchen. Volunteers prepare meals for the residents. Families are also welcome to cook.
  • How are the annual operating costs of Bampa's House funded?
    This is a community-funded service. Funds come from several sources including annual fundraisers, corporate sponsorships, grants, annual appeals to the community, memorials/bequests, and other sources.
  • Is Bampa's House a non-profit organization?
    Yes. Bampa's House is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.
  • What is an average annual budget for a Comfort Care Home in New York?
    While this depends a good deal on the various utilities, salaries, etc., a good average operating budget is $250,000 - $300,000.
  • How much do residents pay to stay at Bampa's House?
    Nothing! Neither residents nor their families are charged for use of the home. Bampa's House is supported through monetary and in-kind donations, grants, and fundraising efforts.
  • Why choose a comfort care home over a nursing home, hospital, or home care?
    Most people would choose to spend their final days in their own home rather than in a nursing home or hospital. However, caregiving for terminally ill individuals can be overwhelming to their family and friends. A comfort care home provides an alternative to traditional nursing homes or hospitals, providing care in a home-like setting and giving the resident’s family and friends a break from the strain of providing care.
  • Does anyone ever go home from a Comfort Care Home?
    Yes, there are a few people who actually get better under this type of care. Some have been moved to Palliative care at other facilities.
  • How many beds are there in a Comfort Care Home in New York?
    A Comfort Care Home is defined by New York State as having up to two beds.
  • What is comfort care?
    The goal of comfort care is to prevent and/or alleviate suffering during the dying process. Comfort care does nothing to hasten or prolong a person’s natural dying process. It is similar to palliative care in that its goal is to minimize pain and suffering. However, palliative care can be received by patients at any time, whether their illness is terminal or not. Comfort care focuses solely on end-of-life care.
  • How many beds are there in a Hospice House in New York?
    A Hospice House as regulated by New York State has three or more beds.
  • How many residents can Bampa's House assist at one time?
    Up to two residents are cared for at any one time.
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